Have You Considered Getting Wrapped?

No, not present wrapping. Belly wrapping. Actually, belly binding to be precise.

At Doulas of Raleigh, our tagline is "Support From Every Angle." This isn't just a catchy phrase for us; it's our mission. And it's why we offer belly binding as just one more tool to aid in our clients' postpartum recovery.

What is Belly Binding?

Rooted in the Malaysian cultural tradition of Bengkung Belly Binding, this is the process whereby a postpartum woman is wrapped from mid-thigh to below the breast bone. Using a long strip of plain, muslin fabric, we wrap the client's torso, using a series of knots to create a supported belly wrap that is snug and secure. This wrap can be worn for up to 24 hours on day one, and 6-12 hours each day following.

Why Choose Belly Binding?

The potential benefits of belly binding are many. Following birth, the body can feel stretched out and unsupported. Some postpartum parents call this "jelly belly." With belly binding, the stomach is drawn in and the binder offers a firm, supported feeling for a postpartum core. 

This abdominal support can also be great for posture and help prevent what many breastfeeding moms describe as "nursing slouch," being hunched over in an uncomfortable position while nursing.

And while belly binding is not a cure for diastasis recti, it can certainly help with abdominal and pelvic floor support. The belly binding wrap helps to draw in separated abdominal muscles and encourage a quicker return to pre-pregnancy placement of organs.

How is Belly Binding Different From a Store-Bought Wrap?

You've probably seen the Belly Bandit or it's equivalent sold in stores. So why choose a belly binding session with Doulas of Raleigh?

Our muslin binders are made from a light breathable fabric, which many clients prefer to the heavy material most belly wraps are manufactured from. Further, because all torsos are different, buying a one-size fits all belly wrap just doesn't make sense. Instead, with our belly binding wraps you get a wrap that is customized to fit your body.

And the most amazing benefit that comes with our belly binding, that cannot be found in stores, is postpartum doula support.

All of our trained belly binders are also professional postpartum doulas, so each belly binding session includes postpartum doula care. In addition to the binding, we will be there to assist you with feeding issues, answer newborn care questions, listen to your birth and postpartum experience, and even prepare a healthy snack or toss some laundry in the dryer. This is just not something you can get with a store-bought belly wrap.

You can learn more about belly binding here and how it can be a wonderful addition to any postpartum support package. Contact us today so we can support you from every angle.