Who you gonna call? Sibling Doulas!

When you go into labor in the middle of the night and need someone to care for your older children, who are you going to call? 

This is a question we see regularly in online local mom groups. We live in an area that is booming with new families. Many of those new families have moved here from other cities, and their own extended families, to set down their roots. When Raleigh families begin growing their families and adding a second or third child, they realize they may not have anyone they can call on to care for older siblings when it is time for the new baby to be born. We can hear the panic in their voices when they start posting questions like the above as baby's due date draws near. Doulas of Raleigh fills this need by offering sibling doula services. Below are a few questions that people typically ask about our sibling doula care.

Will you meet my kids before I go into labor?

Yes! Our sibling doulas will have 2 prenatal play dates with your children at your home to get to know them and your home. This is a great time to let your doulas know of any routines, allergies, etc.

Can I call my sibling doulas at any time?

Yes! Part of our services include 24 hour text, phone, or email support. You can call your doulas if you have questions about including them at your place of birth or if you need suggestions on how to help them transition into their new "big kid" roles after your baby is born.

How long will the sibling doulas offer support?

Our sibling doula teams offer 12 hours of in person, continuous sibling support whenever you call them to join your children when the big day arrives. They, of course, will stay longer if needed for an additional fee.  After the birth the sibling doula team will set up a postpartum play date to check in with your little ones and see how everyone is doing with transitioning to a new baby in the home. 

Will they come to the place of birth?

Our sibling doulas will be happy to support your older children at home or at your place of birth. If the children are with you at your place of birth the doulas will involve them in the birth depending on your level of comfort (and theirs!). 

What exactly will the sibling doula do during the birth of the baby?

This looks different for each family but, no matter the situation, they will keep things as routine and normal as possible for your children. They will provide developmentally appropriate answers for any questions your children may have about the labor and birth.  Sometimes our doulas help siblings bake birthday cupcakes and make birthday cards if they are caring for your children in your home. If the birth happens at night, our doulas will be there to give any comfort to your child if he or she wakes up during the night. 

What are the qualifications of sibling doulas?

At Doulas of Raleigh, we value offering our clients doulas who are professional and experienced. Our doulas are all CPR certified. Many of our sibling doulas are also certified labor doulas so they know what might be happening during the labor and birth and put it in child-friendly terms. Most of our sibling doulas are mothers or have experience working with children. In fact, one of our sibling doulas taught kindergarten and first grade for nearly 15 years! 

One of our sibling doulas with a happy set of siblings! 

You shouldn't have to worry about your sweet children when you go into labor. Doulas of Raleigh can be there to provide the support you need at a time when you need it most. Don't hesitate to contact us today to inquire further about our sibling doula services.