When the big day comes, you want to be prepared

When it comes to finding the right childbirth education class, how do you know which one is right for you? At Doulas of Raleigh, our How, When, & Why Childbirth Curriculum is designed to fit every birthing parent. That's because our curriculum is not designed around any particular method or style of childbirth. Instead, it is meant to provide expecting parents with the knowledge they need to feel prepared and confident when the big day comes, regardless of how they choose to birth.

Childbirth Education - The How, When, & Why

Our day-long, six hour How, When, & Why Childbirth Curriculum will leave you and your birth partner confident about the stages of birth, how to communicate your needs, and will provide you and your partner with the tools to help you stay as comfortable as possible throughout the entire labor and birth process. This comprehensive class will cover:

        Common Pregnancy "Growing Pains" and How to Alleviate Them
        Prenatal Nutrition
        Common Prenatal Testing
        Anatomy of the Gestating Person and How It All Works Together During Labor and Birth
        The Labor Process and Stages of Labor
        Pain Relief Options (Both Medicated and Non-Medicated)
        Positions for Labor and Birth
        What to Expect During the First Hour After Birth

All topics will be covered via discussion, visuals, auditory aids, and hands-on practice to meet the needs of all adult learners. If you or your partner have special learning needs, our childbirth ed team will be happy to accommodate you. 

Upcoming Classes

  • July 13

  • August 10

  • September 14

  • October 12

  • November 9

All classes are held at the Doulas of Raleigh office in downtown Raleigh (5 W Hargett St, Suite 404). Class begins at 9 and ends at 4. If you do not see a date that fits your schedule please contact us to arrange a private class series.

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