Who Will be With Your Older Children When You Go Into Labor? 

Many families in the Triangle find themselves living far from their own extended family. If this is you, there may be apprehension about what to do with older children when you go into labor. This is why a sibling doula is such a valuable addition to your birth team.

When you hire a Doulas of Raleigh Sibling Doula, you will receive:

  • Two Prenatal Play Dates: Our sibling doulas come to your home to meet your children and find out how they might be involved during the big day. You can choose to leave your older children home with your sibling doula or have them accompany you to the birth center. In either case your sibling doula's sole focus will be on the care and safety of your older children.
  • On-Call Support: Sibling doulas are on call just like our birth doulas and are ready to join your children at any time of day or night.
  • Emotional Support to Ease the Transition: Your sibling doula will discuss ways your older children can be "big kids" and helpers after the baby's birth while also helping your children follow their normal routines. They may even help your children make birthday cards and a birthday cake in honor of their newest sibling.

Our Sibling Doulas offer 12 hours of in-person support with additional hours added upon request. And following the birth of your new baby, we will continue to check in with you in the following weeks to see how older siblings are adjusting to life with a newborn at home.