Best Swimsuits for Pregnancy

The temperature here in central NC crept into the 90s this week and everyone we know started thinking about staying cool via the beach, lake, or pool. Of course that meant thinking about swimwear.

We don’t think trying on and buying swimwear is at the top of any woman’s “Favorite Things” list and being pregnant doesn’t seem to make the process any more fun.

The good news is you don’t need to worry too much about what type of swimsuit works for a pregnant body. In fact we think you should show off that beautiful bump wherever and whenever you want! Your choices for maternity swimwear are pretty much the same as any other stage of your life. You can choose a one-piece, a tankini, or an amazing bikini.

Here are some of the pros about each type of swimsuit while you are pregnant.

The One-Piece

The one-piece bathing suit is a great option if you just feel a little more comfortable to have some extra fabric supporting your growing body. We like this option from Motherhood Maternity. Floral prints are everywhere this year so you’ll be comfrotable and stylish! Win! Plus, we love the halter top style to help give a little extra support for your growing breasts.

The Tankini

Really, who doesn’t love a tankini? It gives you the coverage of a one-piece with the felxibility of movement from two separate pieces. If you are buying in the first or second trimester, our tip is to buy the top one size bigger than you need so it can grow with you into your 3rd trimester. We like this cute option from Target. The navy color is flattering to most all skin types and we love the lacy detail along the neckline to keep it in line with recent trends.

The Bikini

Here’s the thing. Our mothers and grandmothers probably wouldn’t have thought this was an option for their pregnancies. Welcome to 2019 where its said that any body is a swimsuit body and we totally agree. So we say go for it! Think of it as telling the world your’re proud of what your body has done and that you and this baby belly are here to shine! This floral print bikini from PinkBlushMaternity is gorgeous and these tops with the extra flounce seem to be everywhere this season.

No matter what you choose to wear this summer we hope you do it with confidence!