“Kelly is amazing at what she does”

She was so encouraging and supportive. Every time she left my house I felt very relaxed and at ease with my newborn.

— S.L.

“Heather is kind, empathetic, calm, supportive, and prepared"

I wish every birthing mother could have the support I had from Heather. 

— H.S. 

Essentially, [a postpartum doula] actually does what your family says they'll do. In other words, when they say they'll come over to "help out" what they really mean is, we'll come hold the baby while you do the stuff you're too tired to do to begin with. [Our postpartum doula] on the other hand, helps with the not so fun stuff and encourages you to relax, rather than entertain family who only want baby face time.

— T.L., Father of two

[Our birth doula] knows right when to suggest a different position and will honor whatever birth experience you want. She was also a great support to my husband who was also working hard to coach me through labor.

- V.M.


“Heather was caring, compassionate, and made my birth experience as wonderful as it could have been”

— K.M.

“[Our Postpartum Placenta Specialist] was very thorough in explaining the process, answered all of our questions, and left us with a sparkling clean kitchen"