Have You Heard of the Magic Postpartum Pill?

Warning: Real talk ahead.

Becoming a new parent and welcoming home a new baby are certainly some of life's biggest moments. But if we are being honest they are not always life's happiest. In fact, the early postpartum period can be overwhelming, exhausting, and sometimes even depressing. So it's no wonder that expecting parents often find themselves looking for ways to ensure a smoother postpartum experience.

Enter the "magic pill."

Perhaps you have heard this language before? Or maybe you have heard of "happy pills." As placenta encapsulation becomes more and more popular, there is no shortage of encapsulators touting these "magic" placenta pills. Well, I don't mean to burst anyone's bubble, but there is no such thing as a "magic" postpartum pill.

Wait, what?

You might be wondering why a certified Postpartum Placenta Specialist is warning people against "magic" pills. But hear me out. 

Are there benefits of placenta encapsulation? Anecdotally, our evidence says yes. Our placenta encapsulation clients report numerous positive experiences, including balanced and stable hormones, higher energy levels, a quicker postpartum physical recovery, and in some cases increased milk supply. In our years encapsulating, we have been able to collect numerous positive experiences that make us happy to provide this service to our clients. 

But are these benefits guaranteed? No, they are not. Is placenta encapsulation a magic bullet against postpartum depression or other postpartum mood disorders? No, it is not.

In our experience, a well-thought out postpartum plan and the support of family, friends, and/or postpartum doulas, in combination with placenta encapsulation can help with a better postpartum period. But we would be doing our clients a disservice if we promised them "magic pills." Instead, we promise them honesty, compassion, and non-judgmental support, which in its own way is kind of magical.