Hello? It's me.....

The baby showers are over. The pregnancy is over. The birth is over. Maternity leave is underway. Here you are on the other side of having a baby. All of your friends are so happy for you, but where are they? Maybe they are busy with their own families. Maybe they are at work. Maybe they enjoy activities that were better suited for you pre-baby. Maybe your schedules just don't jive like they used to. In any case, new motherhood can sometimes be lonely and isolating. 

Many new moms crave social interaction. Babies sure are cute but they are terrible conversationalists, can't empathize with you when you've been up all night, and they know next to nothing about current events or pop culture. You need a fellow adult! Unfortunately a lot of new moms don't know where to turn when it comes to making other new mom friends. Never fear! We have some suggestions for you on how to connect with other new moms. 

Go to events at baby boutique stores. Many of these stores have classes or events geared especially towards new moms. For those of you that are local we recommend checking out Grow

Attend events at local birth centers. Even if you didn't have your baby there you are still welcome to attend their events. Our friends over at Baby + Co offer a New Moms Group where you can learn about several relevant topics to this current life stage you are in. 

Join a Triangle Area Parenting Support Group (TAPS). TAPS has several groups throughout the Triangle. They support both moms and dads and meet once a week. It's a great place where you can share your "highs and lows" of the week with people who get it. Groups run for 12 weeks but many groups continue to get together long after the 12 weeks are over because they have become such good friends! 

If you are breastfeeding or feeding expressed milk to your baby, go to a breastfeeding support group. You'll be able to troubleshoot any problems while celebrating your successes. Even better, you'll be surrounded by other new moms.  

Want to find other new moms with similar interests? Join a Meet Up group. You can find a list of local ones here.  

Motherhood doesn't have to be lonely. We hope these ideas help you connect with other new mothers.