Two Is Better Than One

Looks like Taylor Swift was right when she sang, "Two Is Better Than One".

Of course, in our case, we are talking about having two doulas instead of one. TWO doulas, you say?

Yes, that's right! When you hire Doulas of Raleigh to support you at your birth you will be matched to a doula team that can attune to you and your partner during your pregnancy, labor, and birth.

Most solo doulas are just that..solo. So when they have a full client load each month there is a very high probability that they will be with another client when a different client also goes into labor and needs their support.

Cue the panic. For the doula and her clients.

But not you. You hired Doulas of Raleigh. You are confident knowing that your doula team is on call for you from the moment you sign a contract with us.

Both doulas attend your two prenatal meetings so you can develop a rapport that will ensure a harmonious, supportive atmosphere while you are in labor. And when you go into labor, you can take comfort in the fact that the doula on-call will have already met you and your partner and will be familiar with your vision for birth. 

Two doulas means that your birth team is always ready to support you.

Another reason our doulas have a shared call schedule is that living on call 24/7 can be taxing and quickly leads to doula burnout. That's why your doula team will take turns sharing call. From the moment you sign your contract until your baby is born, you can rest assured that your doula will be rested, refreshed, and on top of her doula game when she gets THE CALL from you or your partner saying labor has begun. 

No matter which doula attends your birth, you can be confident in the team approach here at Doulas of Raleigh.

Just one more way to support you from every angle.