Top 10 Lullabies for Baby

There comes a time in every new parent's evening when they inevitably find themselves walking the floor with their fussy baby. Even the most easy-going of babies have their fussy times. And in addition to rocking and shushing and pacing and swaying, many moms and dads find that singing to their little nugget is a good way to calm those fussy spells.

And hey, even if your crying baby doesn't quiet immediately, the act of singing can be calming and soothing for the tired, frustrated parent too. So it can't hurt.

But what happens when your brain draws a blank? Or when you've sung the same song over 100 times and need something new? Or you find yourself humming the melody but can't remember the words? You need a go-to list with the most popular lullabies to sing for babies.

So without further ado, we present our favorite songs to sing to little babies and big kids alike:

1. Hush Little Baby

A classic lullaby, but did you know there are 8 verses? Most people can't remember the words past promising that mockingbird. This is also a good one for improvising - make up your own verses (or bribes).

2. Rock-A-Bye Baby

This one is short and sweet and also easy to remember. So what if the words are a little dark? It's best not to think too deeply about them.

3. You Are My Sunshine

This song has a soothing melody and also a beautiful message. And if you continue to sing it as your baby grows up, your child will appreciate being told they make you happy when skies are gray.

4. Beautiful Boy

John Lennon's sweet ode to his son, Sean. Moms of boys, you may need to have the tissues ready for this one.

5. Brown-Eyed Girl

If you're feeling tired, Van Morrison's classic tune will help you pick up your step. (And even if you don't have a brown-eyed baby, it's still a great song.)

6. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Although you may get tired of it eventually, everyone knows this song. And as your baby grows into a toddler, this is a fun one to do together.

7. Baby Mine

This sweet song comes from the Disney classic, Dumbo, and is guaranteed to make moms a little weepy. If you've never listened to the Alison Krauss version, you have to fix that immediately.

8. Stay Awake

Mary Poppins is the master of reverse psychology with this one. I dare those kids to stay awake.

9. Over The Rainbow

Did you grow up watching the Wizard of Oz over and over again like I did? If only I could sing this one half as well as Judy Garland.

10. Frere Jacques/Are You Sleeping

Another short and sweet one, bonus points if you can sing it in both French and English.

So, there you have it. I hope this list brings a little inspiration (and a lot of sleep) for your next late night sing-a-long.

Tell us your favorite lullaby in the comments.