Placenta Encapsulation: Why Would Anyone Do That?

Placenta encapsulation is becoming more and more popular with mainstream media coverage and celebrities proudly proclaiming they ingested their placenta.

But even though you may have heard of placenta encapsulation, you still might be wondering why people do it?

The placenta has been used as a healing tool for centuries, playing an especially important role in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). According to TCM, the placenta has warming properties that help a postpartum woman regain her ideal center of health following birth.

So why does today's new mom use placenta encapsulation?

The benefits that many of our clients have experienced include:

  • Improved Postpartum Mood: Placenta encapsulation is not a cure for postpartum depression or other mood disorders. However, some new moms report decreased feelings of the "baby blues" or a quicker return to normal with their placenta pills.
  • Increased Milk Supply: There are numerous beneficial hormones found in the placenta, several of which can help with milk production. Although not all women experience the same benefits, many mothers note an increase in milk supply with placenta encapsulation compared to previous breastfeeding experiences.

  • Better Energy Levels: Because the placenta is also a rich source of iron, many women report a boost in their energy levels following consumption of their placenta pills.

  • Quicker Postpartum Recovery: Placenta encapsulation can also help decrease postpartum bleeding, which combined with increased energy levels, can contribute to a faster recovery time after birth.

  • Overall Better Balancing of Postpartum Hormones: Lastly, the majority of our clients report that consuming their placenta helped them to feel less of the hormonal ups and downs that are so common during the postpartum time, which in turn contributed to a more enjoyable postpartum experience.

While consuming the placenta does not yield the same results for every woman, most clients find placenta encapsulation to be beneficial overall and say that they would do it again with future pregnancies.

Whether you're a first time mother looking for ways to have a positive postpartum experience or a veteran mom seeking a better postpartum outcome than your last one, placenta encapsulation might be for you.

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Potential benefits include: