Postpartum Doulas: Your Postpartum Cheerleaders

Everyone has heard of postpartum depression. In fact, the term "postpartum" has almost become synonymous with postpartum depression. But we're here to change that.

When we say "postpartum," we want you to say "doula."

So often new parents feel unsure about what to do when they come home from the hospital with their newborn. They go from being supported around the clock by the hospital nurses to being home alone with the baby.

If only there was someone they could call to assist them with newborn care, answer questions about feeding and sleeping, and make sure that they are taking care of themselves too. Someone who could build their confidence, encourage them, and cheer them on as they begin their parenting journey.

Well, there is. It's a postpartum doula!

A postpartum doula is a professionally trained support person that specializes not only in baby care, but in whole-family care. Your postpartum doula is there to answer all of your questions when it comes to your new baby and also reassure you of what is normal (and encourage you to call your doctor for anything outside the range of normal). We are there to answer questions about postpartum recovery as well. Postpartum doulas also help with feeding questions. We can assist with latch issues or positioning tips or make formula for the day and wash bottles. And the best part, postpartum doulas don't judge. Instead we support you unconditionally and encourage you to make the choices that are best for your family.

As any new parent can tell you, taking care of a newborn is a pretty demanding job. So demanding, in fact, that new parents often forget to take care of themselves. But with a postpartum doula at your home, you will be fed, rested, and taken care of. That's because postpartum doulas fix snacks, make meals, take care of the laundry, wash dishes, and help with keeping the household organized. We are also there to take care of the baby so you can rest - day or night.

Postpartum doulas are also a listening ear. Some days you just need a nice cup of tea and a shoulder to cry on. Other days you need to vent about your crazy friend who won't stop giving you unsolicited advice. And on your toughest days, you just need someone to cheer you on and remind you that you're doing a great job. Postpartum doulas do all that.

This is why your postpartum doula is your postpartum cheerleader.

Having caring and nonjudgmental support during the postpartum period can make this time in your life more enjoyable and restful. We believe new families deserve that. That's why we want everyone to know about postpartum doulas.

So when we say, "Postpartum," you say, "Doula." Ready?

"Postpartum!" "Doula!" "Postpartum!" "Doula!"

We'd love to cheer you on as you welcome home your new baby. To learn more about our Postpartum Doula services, click here.