The Agency Difference - What Makes Doulas of Raleigh Special?

Welcome to Doulas of Raleigh! Perhaps you are currently searching for a doula. Or maybe you will be trying to conceive in the near future and are planning ahead. Or maybe even you have heard about doulas and are just curious what it's all about.

Whatever the reason, we are so glad that you are here.

When it comes to finding a doula in the Triangle Area, you have choices. There are plenty of solo doulas for both birth and postpartum. These are doulas that practice on their own, hopefully with a reliable back-up in place for emergencies. There are also doula collectives, a group of loosely associated doulas who have agreed to work as each others backups, even though they are not in business together.

And then there's the doula agency.

This is a rather new concept for the doula profession, especially in this area. Doulas of Raleigh is actually the first full-service doula agency in Wake County.

So, what sets the agency model apart?


The level of professional reliability offered by a doula agency is unparalleled. At Doulas of Raleigh, every labor client is assigned two doulas. From day one, our owners work to pair you with a team of doulas that will attune to your needs and fit with your family. Starting with your first prenatal visit, you will have the opportunity to connect and bond with your doulas. And when you go into labor, one of them will be there for you.

You will not have to worry that your doula may be unavailable or searching for a backup on social media at the last minute (trust us, it happens). Instead, you can be assured that someone from your team will be there - no matter what.

And we offer the same reliability for our postpartum doulas and postpartum placenta specialists, too. In the event of illness or emergency, you can still count on Doulas of Raleigh to deliver a trained professional who is committed to our standards of compassionate, non-judgmental care.

When you have a team of doulas working with you, this is easy to deliver.


Searching for a birth doula and placenta encapsulation? Hoping to find postpartum support and someone who provides belly binding? Looking to build a package of services that is just right for you?

This is where a doula agency comes in. With Doulas of Raleigh, you don't have to shop around - we have everything you need in one place. This is a busy time in your life and it can be overwhelming to sift through pages of Google search results looking for everything you need. A full-service doula agency saves you time and sanity.


We also believe that the agency model is vital for sustaining the doula profession long-term. While we absolutely love our jobs, the doula-life can be hard.

Birth doulas have to live their life on-call. They are always ready to drop everything and head to a birth. Sometimes this means missing family holidays or children's birthdays. For postpartum doulas, overnight shifts can be hard to recover from, especially if they are coming home to their own little ones or the demands of running a business and then heading out at night to do it all over again.

At Doulas of Raleigh, our doulas have the support to pursue the job they love without burning out. Because our birth doulas have a shared-call schedule, they actually get time off. A child's birthday party can be scheduled without fear of missing out because they are not on call that day. We can support our postpartum clients with 7-day a week overnight care without fear of exhaustion because we have enough postpartum doulas to rotate through.

And did we mention that we are committed to providing the doulas who work with us a living wage? We believe this profession is so important and if it is to continue, doulas must be paid a fair wage. Otherwise too many talented and caring doulas burn out from constant overwork at not enough pay.

This is the agency difference - reliability, convenience, and sustainability.

At Doulas of Raleigh, we offer support from every angle - from pregnancy to birth through postpartum. Learn more about our many services and then contact us so we can support you.