Beyoncé, Adele, and Galentine's Day

It's February 13th, the day before Valentine's Day, which means it's Galentine's Day!!!! Yasss!!!!

You do know about Galentine's Day, right? We have Leslie Knope, Amy Poehler's character from Parks and Recreation, to thank for this wonderful holiday. And Galentine's Day is so wonderful because it's all about "ladies celebrating ladies."

This is a day to celebrate your female friendships and leave the boys back at home. 

No matter what season of life you are in right now, you always need your girlfriends. When we are young and single, our girls are there for wild and fun nights and to tell us to check our face when we need it. They are there when our hearts break and also when they swell. Through motherhood, our true girlfriends have our backs and hold our babies when things are just too hard. We grow together. We laugh and cry together. Without our girls, life would indeed be lonely.

And this brings me to last night's Grammy Awards.

Because this is a blog and not a doctoral thesis, I will keep this short: 

Beyoncé was straight-up robbed.

Because 2017 seems to be the year of bizarro world, Lemonade did not win Album of the Year at last night's Grammy's. I.just.can't. And apparently, Adele couldn't either.

During her acceptance speech, she used it to praise Beyoncé and humbly admit that it should really be Queen B standing up there accepting that award. She recognized the monumental epic-ness of Lemonade and all that Beyoncé has achieved and inspired.

And this is what Galentine's Day is all about - ladies celebrating ladies. All those old, stuffy white dudes who vote for the Grammy Awards just don't get it. And maybe they never will. (The complete cultural bias evident at the Grammy's is a whole other blog.) But Adele gets it.

This is why we need our girlfriends. They get us in ways men never will. They stand up for us when we need it. They celebrate our accomplishments when society looks us over.

So today, celebrate your female friendships - give your best friend a call or schedule a brunch date to catch up. Let your girlfriends know what a great job they are doing and that you see them. As Leslie Knope so eloquently stated, "Ovaries before Brovaries."