What better way to follow our Galentine's Day post than with a post all about Treat Yo' Self!? 

Ok, so we know today is Valentine's Day and everyone is planning gifts and events for their significant other. We are taking a different spin on things and asking you to take a little time on self-care today and love yourself. Donna and Tom sure know how to do self-care right. They spare no expense and let nothing come in the way of making their day THEIR day. 

The excuses are so easy to make..."I have to go to this meeting"..."I have to make sure the groceries are ordered"..."my friend asked me to watch her kids".."I have to take the dogs to the vet"...."the baby might wake up." 

Man, we are exhausted just thinking of excuses as to why we haven't invested any time lately into self care.

We've all seen the images of a cup with sayings to fill your own cup before you can pour into others. It's true. We can't truly be present for our partners and families when we are barely hanging on by a thread ourselves. We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to replenish our own physical and emotional coffers. 

Self-care looks different for different people.

Remember how Donna and Tom invited Ben to join them one year and he was miserable for most of the day? That's because high end shopping wasn't his jam. Instead, he found his happiness wearing this.

Maybe you don't have the time or cash flow to fly out to Rodeo Drive. Maybe it's just not your thing. The good news is you don't have to spend megabucks or hours on end on self care (although it's totally fine by us if you want to, it is Treat Yo Self after all!).

We did a little Facebook poll recently and found out what many of you like to do for self-care. Ideas ranged from enjoying coffee and a good book before anyone else in the house woke up to drawing and crafting to going for a run. Some ideas took 30 minutes. Some took a couple of hours. Almost all could be done without a lot of schedule rearranging. 

Make it happen. Today is your day to practice loving yourself before you go love others.

Let us know in the comments how you plan to show a little self-care today.