Postpartum Poetry: An Ode to Postpartum Doulas

Sometimes the shortest answer is the sweetest answer. So what better way to get to the heart of what postpartum doulas do than with a little poetry. We support new parents in so many ways - from the tangible to the intangible, from things people need to things they didn’t even know they would need.

That’s what makes postpartum doulas so magical.

So without further ado, enjoy my attempts at rhyming.

When you arms are tired, your back is sore, and you need a rest. When you have questions about sleep, the bottle, or the breast.

When the laundry is in heaps and the dishes are piled high. When you just need a non-judgmental ear to listen to you cry.

Call your postpartum doula, she’s on her way. She’ll prepare a healthy meal, so that you can eat today.

She will support your choices on how to feed, and anticipate your every need.

She’ll do the laundry, make sure the kitchen is tidy. She’ll let you rest, while changes that dirty diapee.

She’ll answer your questions and ensure that you’ve showered. And when she leaves for the day, you will feel empowered.

Now, doesn’t that sound wonderful! And we’ve heard that postpartum doula support makes a great last minute Mother’s Day gift as well. Just saying.